Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Male Genital Mutilation Cuts AIDS Risk?

Then there's this older report which says that mutilating your sons might keep them from getting AIDS. Apparently, it drops the risk by about 70%.

You know what drops the risk by about 80%? Teaching them to use condoms!

You know what drops the risk by about 99%? Teaching them to use condoms and to stay in faithful, monogomous relationships!

You know what drops the risk by about 100%? Teaching them abstinance from sex and intravenous drugs!

All of these have better results, and none requires mutilation.

Repeat after me, kids: "I won't cut of part of my son's penis to keep him from getting AIDS. Instead I will teach him to protect himself."

Female Genital Mutilation Reduces Fertility

Unlike many who cover genital mutilation, I'm equally appalled when it occurs on either gender. Reuters reports today that victims of female genital mutilation are five to six times more likely to be infertile. A large part of that is probably due to the crude instruments and lack of sterility used to perform the mutilations in third world countries, but it's still a problem.

Parents, don't mutilate your kids - of either gender!