Sunday, May 15, 2005


Well, I went ahead and measured today anyway.

However... I took pretty cruddy and imprecise measurements last time. So I'm not sure how valid they are. For one thing, I didn't measure consistently. I used inches in some places and centimeters in others. For another, I wasn't considering how slowly groth would occur, so I just took rough measurements. Most importantly, I "eyeballed" the shaft skin measurement instead of making a mark to use.

So here are the measurements from last time, and although the shaft skin measurement looks like a big improvement, it's probably a much smaller improvement than it looks. All lengths are taken along the dorsal vein. Flaccid length is taken by stretching the penis out. Girth is measured when erect. Shaft skin uses the method detailed by Roy Payne.

Length (erect): 15.7cm (6.18")
Length (flaccid): 13.5cm (5.31")
Girth: 12.9cm (5.07")
Shaft Skin: 13.8cm (5.43")

Day 9

I'm getting some sporadic coronal rollover again this. Sometimes it'll roll over on its own, sometimes it won't. Sometimes it'll stay (whether I put it there or it goes on its own), sometimes it won't. Still, it's kind of nice.

I untaped last night because I'd gotten some pretty extreme irritation on the left side of my penis, toward the base. It's pretty much irritation from taping/untaping repeatedly. I decided I needed to let it heal some before I taped up again.

Heh. Like a good American, I wish there were a faster, easier way to accomplish this. I figure if this takes me two years (hopefully it'll be a LOT quicker than that, but I think I have to count on two years), then I'm about 1.2% of the way done. Bleh. Part of me really, REALLY wants to measure today, but I'm afraid to, given all the advice I've seen. I'm afraid I just won't see any change yet - especially since it hasn't felt like I've been getting anywhere near enough tension for part of this week.

I do, however, see some visible changes already. When flaccid, my penis skin is noticably more "wrinkly", even when it's not rolling over the corona. The glans is also slightly softer, althogh this is still a subtle effect. I can also usually cover the entire glans without any trouble when I tape up now. Last week when I started, sometimes I could and sometimes I couldn't.

The rollover is really nice. It gives a bit of a preview of what's to come, and it feels really good. Even though it only covers a small part of the glans right now, it feels better than being taped. I just wish I could get it to stay that way.