Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Day 81 - Out of Tape

Well, I ran out of tape today, so I'm not taped up. Progress seems to be moving along, albeit still slowly. I measured again on Sunday and still measured at 14.4cm, but since my previous measurements went up and down again I'm not too concerned about one that shows no growth. That's better than going back down again. Besides, subjectively I can tell the difference. I'm getting rollover more and more often now - often even while standing up, if I'm wearing tight underwear. It still only happens when I'm completely soft, but it's covering more of the glans now than it used to - more than half of it, now. I'm also now able to stretch the skin to cover more than half the glans when I'm hard and almost fully over the glans when I tape up. So I'm definitely making progress.

I'm going to have to adjust my strap, too. I think the elastic is starting to get stretched out, so it's probably time to trim some of it off so that I can keep enough tension in play. It's not quite bad enough to require getting new elastic, though.

Anyway, I bought more tape over my lunch break, so tomorrow I'll be back to taping up again. It's kind of nice to have a day off, though, as the tape is still a little uncomfortable. I doubt it'll ever be truly comfortable, but at least I won't have to wear it forever.


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