Friday, May 06, 2005

Remaking Myself

I am a man. When I was an infant, part of that was taken away from me when my penis was mutilated. Here in the United States, we refer to this barbaric practice as "circumcision". That's the last time you will ever see me use that word on this blog. From now on, I will name the procedure for what it is: male genital mutilation.

I have been ignorant or semi-ignorant of this fact for more than 26 years. Most American men still are. Fortunately, a man named Dean Esmay opened my eyes and introduced me into a whole new world.

Yet I refuse to be a victim. Victimhood is in the mind, not the event. I've always believed this, and I believe it now. This choice was made without my consent, or even my input. A piece of my body was forcibly taken from me. My dignity was taken, my very right to self-determination.

But I'm taking it back. This afternoon, I began the process of reconstructing myself. It will be a long, hard road.

This blog is part of my recovery. It serves three purposes.

1) To show the world this barbaric practice for what it is. If I can save even one more child from being mutilated, then I have done a tremendous service to mankind. However, I would ultimately like to see this abominable practice outlawed in the United States - just as female genital mutilation is.

2) To spread the word of recovery options to men who have been mutilated like me. To let them know what they've lost - and more importantly, what they can get back.

3) To document my own reconstruction for my own therapy.

This site is not pornographic. However, it is of a very mature nature. I will be describing my penis in some detail as I document its process of recovery. I will also be posting information about male genital mutilation, a gruesome procedure. I promise that none of what I post will be gratuitous. Yet it is not appropriate for the faint of heart.

Please help me spread the word. Let people know how horrible this practice is. Decide now not to mutilate your sons. Tell your friends not to mutilate theirs.

We are the barbarians - but we don't have to be. We can learn, we can change - and we can start today.


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