Saturday, May 07, 2005

Day 2 and notes

I slept fine last night. I woke up once in the middle of the night with an uncomfortable erection, but it subsided and I went back to sleep, so I didn't have to retape anything. It really is amazingly more comfortable to have the glans covered. A few short hours and I have no doubt that it's the way the penis is supposed to be.

Here's where I'm starting from so that I can compare how much progress I've made later on:

I'm lucky; I was cut rather loosely. My remaining skin is loose enough that when my penis is completely flaccid (a state that until last night was pretty rare!) I can completely cover my glans - barely. However, if it gets even slightly aroused, this is no longer possible.

I have looked at some photographs and determined that I do not have a fully intact frenulum (not really a big surprise). I don't have any visible structure that resembles one, either. However, it is one of the most sensitive areas of my penis, so I think that some subcutaneous remnant of it may remain.

When measuring along the top, from the base of my pelvis to the tip of the glans, my penis measures 4" long when flaccid (when pulled out to full length without stretching). I can comfortably pull forward enough skin to cover roughly one fourth of the glans without any apparent stretching.

Measuring from the same position, my penis is approximately 6" long when erect, although this is far from the hardest erection I've ever had (where's my fiance when I need her ;) ). Measuring just below the mutilation scar, it is 5" in circumference. My skin is loose enough to move over the shaft while erect, but it is too tight to pull any of it over the glans. I can, however, completely cover the sulcus and almost pull it around the edge of the corona (see a detailed anatomical explanation here, but be warned about the explicit pictures).

I measure approximately 11cm of shaft skin.

As of this morning, I am experiencing minor skin irritation from the tape. I'm going to see if this goes away over the next few days. If it doesn't, I'm going to switch to a new brand.


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