Saturday, May 14, 2005

1 Week Out

I've switched a lot of things back and forth without really posting about it this week. The main thing is that I switched back to taping without holes and just removing the tape to urinate. I'm not having any problems removing the tape anymore, so that way's just easier. It's WAY faster to tape up. The down side is that the tape tends to come loose during the day, but that's livable since I've started keeping extra tape close at hand.

I've also gone back to sleeping with the tape on. Cross taping really isn't providing all that much tug anymore anyway, so I'm not sure it makes much difference to do 12/5 taping instead of 24/7 - and it's FAR more comfortable. Which means two things:

1) I'm pretty much going to stay with taping when I'm nut stretching, to keep everything covered. That is, at least until I grow enough of a foreskin that I don't need to tape it closed anymore.

2) It's time to start looking for a better stretching method.

I'm going to research some more tomorrow, but I think I'm going to switch over to T-Tape with elastic. I'm thinking elastic instead of a weight because I have a desk job, so there's no easy way to keep a weight hanging down all day. But the elastic should work fine. It seems to be a common choice.

I'm more determined than ever to continue with this, because of how much better it feels to be covered. I just hope I can measure some progress by the end of the first month.


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